Alaska State Blueberry Pie Competition

Blueberry.jpgSuperintendent Terri Crowson


The Deltana Fair is sponsoring the Annual Alaska State Blueberry Pie Championship contest which will afford the winner a $50.00 cash prize, the unique 2017 Blueberry Pie Goldpan and Fame surpassed by only by whoever that guy was who invented sliced bread. Does someone you know bake the best pies ever? Did your Grandma teach you her fool-proof pie crust recipe? Have you shared your baking wisdom with your kids? Moms, dads, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors – why not gather the kids around and have a day of pie baking instruction (and construction) equipping said kids to enter the Blueberry Pie Contest. The very least to be gained from such a day of bonding in the kitchen would be a pie feast. But not only that! Your and yours will now be prepared to Enter and Win the aforementioned Blueberry Pie contest. 

To enter, bring those pies to the Lions Den from 11:30pm to 12:30pm, Saturday, July 30th.

The winners will be announced at 1:30 on the Fair’s Main Stage and the Blueberry Pie Auction will take place immediately. 
Rules to enter:
1. Pie must be made of all wild Alaska Blueberries and have a flaky top and bottom crust, with the top crust covering at least one-half of the pie.
2. The pie must be baked and entered in a disposable pie pan.
3. All pies become the property of the Deltana Fair Association.
4. Judging will consider four criteria: Overall appearance; Texture of top and bottom crusts; Serving ease and taste.

Winner will be Superintendent for next year's competition...


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